1. How do I gain access to the Help Center?
    Click "Sign In" in the top right of the screen, or go to https://help.frameworkltc.com/support/login. Then click "Get Access" and fill out the form. The information will be routed to an admin that will create your account. We’ll send you a verification email which will have a link for you to go to the site and create your own password. Let us know if you need access to both FrameworkLTC and RxPertise, as they are different sites.

    If you ever forget the password you can choose the “Forgot Password” link to have it reset for you. If you have sent a question in to the Support team recently, it is likely that you are already a contact and just need to have an Activation email sent.

  2.  I have a username and passcode, but where do I find the site?
    You can find the Help Center at https://help.frameworkltc.com/ or http://rxpertise.frameworkltc.com/ for help with RxPertise. We also have the links available on the Customer Support pages on our website and in the Support dropdown on the Customer Engagement Zone.

  3. I use both RxPertise and FrameworkLTC – can I submit my RxPertise tickets on the FrameworkLTC Help Center, or do I need access to both?
    While tickets entered on the FrameworkLTC Help Center can be routed to our RxPertise team, we encourage you to use the RxPertise Help Center to submit those support request as there may be a knowledge base article that can quickly get you the answer you are looking for!

  4. How does this change the way I currently interact with support?
    The Help Center is meant to enhance your interaction with support. We’re still available via phone or email, so technically nothing needs to change unless you’d like it to.

    Visiting the Help Center gives you the ability to have a self-service experience: you can search and find answers via the knowledge base articles, explore relevant articles when entering a support ticket, and view all tickets entered for your pharmacy along with the resolutions for each.

  5. I don't want self-help; I want to interact with your fabulous support team. How do I bypass this? In the same way you always would – call 412-492-9841, choose option 2 to get through to an agent via the phone.

  6. Is there a Community Forum in the Help Center?
    We will be launching the Community Forum piece of the Help Center in the coming months. That will be a place to ask questions to the community, and work with others to talk through solutions with the group at large. SoftWriters will be moderating the content and will jump in when helpful.
  7. Is the Help Center replacing the Customer Engagement Zone (CEZ)?
    No – the CEZ will still be the place to choose forms and labels, to make development requests, and to download software and documentation.

  8. If a pharmacy user has access to the Help Center, do they have access to the CEZ?
    No – your pharmacy controls who has access to the CEZ, which is the private section of our website where you can download software and documentation and enter development requests. It is likely that there will be fewer pharmacy employees with access to the CEZ than the Help Center. When clicking on links in the Help Center that directs you to the CEZ, those that don’t have access to the CEZ will simply be taken to the login page and won’t be able to access.

    Every pharmacy has a CEZ administrator who can grant access to other team members. If you’re uncertain who your administrator is, reach out to support@softwriters.com and we can verify. The administrator can grant access to additional team members as you deem necessary.
  9. Is there a fee to use the new Help Center?
    No, the Help Center is available free of charge, with no limit to the number of team members you can have accessing the site.

  10. Is there a limit to the number of times my pharmacy can contact support?
    Nope, we’re here for you – reach out!

  11. How frequently are the Knowledge Base articles updated?
    They are reviewed quarterly for articles that are version specific.


  1. A co-worker/employee has left – who do I notify?
    Send an email with the information to support@softwriters.com and the information will be routed to an administrator who will remove the account for you.

  2. If an employee emails support@softwriters.com, do they automatically have access to the Help Center? 
    Access does not happen automatically. All users are approved by our team.

  3. I have a new employee; how do I add them to the Help Center?
    Each individual will need to create their own login.  Either you can send a request to support@softwriters.com, or the new employee can.

  4. Are there varying levels of access?
    The only thing that can be controlled is whether or not your team members have access to see all of the tickets from your pharmacy or only the tickets they submitted. By default, everyone assigned to your pharmacy will be able to see only their own tickets. If you would like this modified, you’ll want to reach out to your Commercial Account Manager (cam@softwriters.com), who can help you manage your users.


  1. If I cc a co-worker on a ticket, do they need to have access to the Help Center to see the message?
    They will receive an email communication every time the status is updated on the ticket, so they do not need access to the Help Center to be kept in the loop.

  2. If I’m cc’d on a ticket will it become part of my listed tickets?
    No, if you are cc’d on a ticket you are not considered the primary contact. Currently, the ticket will only be visible in the Help Center for the primary contact. As a cc'd contact, you will receive email notifications when the ticket is updated.

  3. Is it possible to reply via the email I receive or do I need to log back into the Help Center to update my ticket?
    You can respond via the email or login, either way works.