To streamline your product documentation and application download experience, we are migrating our content from the Customer Engagement Zone (CEZ) to the Help Center.  


We will continue to post product documentation and downloads to the CEZ for a limited time so you can make your way over at your own pace, but we strongly encourage you and your team to ensure you have access to the Help Center now.  


Here is a quick overview about this move:  


Why We’re Making this Change 

The Help Center is an online customer service tool that provides multiple resources at your fingertips like centralized ticketing, detailed knowledge base articles, release summaries, important announcements, on-demand training & release notes webinars, and more. Meet the Help Center by watching this short video introduction below.


By moving product documentation and application downloads from the CEZ to the Help Center, we’re providing all release content in one centralized location for you to access for an improved customer experience.

What is Moving 

Release notes, user guides, Known Issues & Limitations (KIL) documents, and all application downloads are moving to the Help Center at this time. These release materials will remain on the CEZ in tandem with the Help Center for a period of time to give all users the chance to migrate over, however, they will be decommissioned from the CEZ in the near future. 


Product documentation and downloads are available on the Help Center under Downloads on the home page. 

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Forms and labels will remain on the CEZ for now and transition to the Help Center at a later date. 


Who Needs Access 

Universal Access 

We strongly encourage anyone on your pharmacy staff who would benefit from centralized ticketing, knowledgebase articles, release information, and downloads to have Help Center access. It is important to note that Help Center credentials provide access to all materials available, including release tools.  


This means that anyone at your pharmacy with a Help Center login will now be able to download installers (in the CEZ it was restricted). Please ensure your team is aware of this change so they proceed with caution and know not to execute the installers without approval. 


IT Resources 

It is highly recommended that you take a moment to ensure your primary point of contact, and whomever is responsible for release downloads, has access to the Help Center so they may access product documentation and downloads when needed. 


How to Get Help Center Access 

This article you’re currently reading is an example of an ungated knowledgebase article residing in the Help Center, however, accessing all other content – including release resources - requires Help Center credentials. 


Request access to the Help Center by clicking “Get Access” on the Sign In page. Once we receive your submission our support team will validate your request, associate you with your pharmacy, and send access via email. Request is typically granted within two business hours from time of submittal. This means that requests submitted after 5:00 pm ET will be handled on the next business day. 


Additional Help 

If you typically access documentation or downloads on the CEZ, please take a moment to login to the Help Center and visit the Downloads section to ensure you are comfortable finding information. If someone else in your pharmacy is responsible for upgrading your FrameworkLTC software, please ensure they have access to the Help Center.